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2015 Contracts/Quotes

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    Request for Proposals, Downtown Riverwalk Design & Engineering

    Q15-01, Riverside Park Pavilion Deck Concrete Work

    C15-06, 2015 Tree Surety



Q15-02, Trenton Rd Bridge & CTH G Sidewalk Property Acquisitions

Q15-02, Proposal Documents

Q15-02, ADDENDUM #1

Q15-02, Bid Results


Q15-03, Traffic Counts on Paradise Drive and Signal Timing

Q15-03, Proposal Documents

Q15-03, Bid Results


Q15-04, Repaint Latex Pavement Markings at Various Locations

Q15-04, Quote Documents

Q15-04, Bid Tabulation


Q15-05, Water Utility Asphalt Pavement Repairs at Various Locations

Q15-05, Quote Documents

Q15-05, Bid Tabulation


Q15-06, Vest Pocket Park Concrete Work

Q15-06, Quote Documents

Q15-06, Bid Tabulation


Q15-07, Sidewalk Improvements Across from Old Settlers Park

Q15-07, Quote Documents

Q15-07, Bid Tabulation


Q15-08, Municipal Engineering Services

Q15-08, Quote Documents


C15-01, Storm and Sanitary Sewer and Curb & Gutter Repairs at Various Locations

C15-01, Official Notice to Bidders

C15-01, Plan Holders List

C15-01, Bid Tabulation


C15-02, Asphaltic Concrete Pavement Repairs and Overlays at Various Locations

C15-02, Official Notice to Bidders

C15-02, Plan Holders List

C15-02, Bid Tabulation


C15-03, Crack Sealing of Pavements at Various Locations

C15-03, Official Notice to Bidders

C15-03, Plan Holders List

C15-03, Bid Tabulation


C15-04, Install New Sidewalk and Remove and Replace Sidewalk at Various Locations

C15-04, Official Notice to Bidders

C15-04, Plan Holders List

C15-04, Bid Tabulation


C15-05, Seal Coating of Pavements at Various Locations

C15-05, Official Notice to Bidders

C15-05, Plan Holders List

C15-05, Bid Tabulation


C15-08, Fairview Drive Curve Reconfiguration

C15-08, Official Notice to Bidders  (REVISED 1-21-15)

C15-08, ADDENDUM #1

C15-08, ADDENDUM #2

C15-08, ADDENDUM #3

C15-08, Plan Holders List

C15-08, Bid Tabulation


C15-09, Eder Lane Water Main Replacement and Overlay

C15-09, Official Notice to Bidders

C15-09, Plan Holders List

C15-09, ADDENDUM #1

C15-09, Bid Tabulation


C15-10, CTH G Sidewalk, Sand Drive to +/-200 Feet South of Decorah Road

C15-10, Official Notice to Bidders

C15-10, Plan Holders List

C15-10, Bid Tabulation


C15-11, Water Main Replacements 2015: Stonebridge Road and Salisbury Road

C15-11, Official Notice to Bidders

C15-11, Plan Holders List

C15-11, Bid Tabulation


C15-12, Vest Pocket Park Reconstruction

C15-12, Official Notice to Bidders

C15-12, Plan Holders List

C15-12, Bid Tabulation


C15-13, TIF 12 - Former Gehl Engineering Bulding Demolition

C15-13, Official Notice to Bidders

C15-13, Plan Holders List

C15-13, ADDENDUM #1

C15-13, ADDENDUM #2

C15-13, Bid Tabulation


C15-14, Recoat Fiberglass Dome on Bio-Solids Storage Tank - Wastewater Treatment Plant

C15-14, Official Notice to Bidders

C15-14, Plan Holders List

C15-14, Bid Results


C60-64, Pedestrian Bridge over Milwaukee River - REBID

C60-64, Official Notice to Bidders

C60-64, Plan Holders List

C60-64, Addendum #1

C60-64, Bid Tabulation










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