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2019 Contracts/Quotes

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Q19-01, Cons Mngmnt & Inspctn Services - 8th Avenue Reconstruction, Phase 2 - Walnut Street to Washington Street Project

Q19-01, Proposal Documents

Q19-01, FINAL Questions & Answers


Q19-02, Const Mngmnt & Inspctn Services - Bittersweet Dr, Green Valley Pl & Edward Ct Water Main Replacement Projects

Q19-02, Proposal Documents

Q19-02, FINAL Questions & Answers


Q19-03, Engineering Design Services - School Place Sanitary & Storm Sewer Replacement

Q19-03, Proposal Documents

Q19-03, FINAL Questions & Answers


Q19-04, Engineering Design Services - 18th Avenue Reconstruction

 Q19-04, Proposal Documents

Q19-04, FINAL Questions & Answers


Q19-07, Repaint Epoxy Pavement Markings on S. Main Street

Q19-07, Proposal Documents




C19-01, 8th Avenue Reconstruction, Phase 2 - Walnut Street to Washington Street

C19-01, Official Notice to Bidders

C19-01, Plan Holders List

C19-01, Addendum #1

C19-01, Addendum #2

C19-01, Bid Tabulation


C19-02, Bittersweet Drive Water Main Replacement

C19-02, Official Notice to Bidders

C19-02, Plan Holders List

C19-02 Bid Tabulation


C19-03, Green Valley Place and Edward Court Water Main Replacement

C19-03, Official Notice to Bidders

C19-03, Plan Holders List

C19-03, Bid Tabulation


C19-04, Install New Sidewalk and Remove and Replace Sidewalk at Various Locations

C19-04, Official Notice to Bidders

C19-04, Plan Holders List

C19-04, Addendum #1

C19-04, Addendum #2

C19-04, Bid Tabulation


C19-06, Water Utility Pavement Repairs at Various Locations

C19-06, Official Notice to Bidders

C19-06, Plan Holders List

C19-06, Bid Tabulation


C19-07, Crack and Joint Sealing of Pavements at Various Locations

C19-07, Official Notice to Bidders

C19-07, Plan Holders List

C19-07, Bid Tabulation


C19-08, Pulverize and Overlay Paradise Drive

C19-08, Official Notice to Bidders

C19-08, Plan Holders List

C19-08, Addendum #1

C19-08, Bid Tabulation





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