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Bird City protection

Protecting Birds

The two largest threats to birds in most communities are free-roaming cats and window strikes.  Both can be reduced to help protect your backyard birds.  Below are links to more information to help you look out for your feathered friends.

Although cats make wonderful companions for many, they have a significant impact on the biodiversity of local ecosystems.  They have had such a strong impact on birds that they have been one of the main contributors to the extinction of 33 species across the world.  The Cats Indoors program provides solutions to reduce free-roaming cats.

Windows may be one of the best ways to view birds, but they are also contributing to their mortality rate.  Whether unable to determine if your window is a forest (reflected from your backyard) or if a territorial male thinks his reflection is a competing male, window reflections can be a serious problem.  Below are a links to a few solutions available. Check out the windows at the Niche at Lac Lawrann to see window decals in action.


For additional information on bird watching, getting involved in monitoring through surveys and counts, check out these sites.

Bird City Wisconsin

Riveredge Bird Club

Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative

Wisconsin Society for Ornithology

American Bird Conservancy

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology



Southeast Wisconsin Invasive Species Consortium, Inc.




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