Community Vision

City of West Bend Community Vision

People choose West Bend because it is a community they treasure and trust.

Prosperous Local Economy:
Vigorously support the attraction, retention, and expansion of new and existing businesses while being leaders in the promotion of entrepreneurship.

Educational Institutions:
Recognize and support the important role West Bend’s educational institutions play in our local economy and the critical nature of preparing every student for a lifetime of success.

Natural Assets:
Promote enhanced stewardship of our local waterways including their banks and shores and maintain clean water, air and soil.

Cultural Attractions:
Support organizations working to expand West Bend’s cultural and quality of life attractions.

Downtown & Retail Base:
Recognize, promote, and support West Bend’s downtown to ensure it is vibrant, attractive, and pedestrian friendly.

Continue to support strong road and utility infrastructure, while ensuring adequate expansion investment focused on economic development and public safety.

Recreational Activities:
Support West Bend’s quality of life through a broad base of city, for profit, and non-profit recreational offerings.

Health & Safety:
Support efforts to make West Bend the healthiest city in America, while helping to promote modern medical service alternatives and substance abuse programs.

Focus on quality and efficiency to set the standard for collaboration between public and private entities while ensuring alignment with goals and objectives communicated by the citizenry.

Community Vision Document

Full Community Vision Narrative *
*This document is a product of the West Bend Economic Development Corporation.




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