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Finance Committee


PURPOSE:  The Finance Committee considers appropriations, finances, taxation, revenues, labor relations, pensions and other benefits, insurance, audits, city budget and other matters.

POWERS AND DUTIES:  Created by the common council, the committee reviews and develops recommendations to the council on matters relating to the general finances of the city.

STRUCTURE:  The Finance Committee shall be composed of eight (8) alderpersons appointed to the board at the organizational meeting.  The City Clerk shall serve as secretary. 

CHAIRMAN:  The mayor shall designate one (1) member as chairperson, subject to approval by the Common Council. 



Chairman:  Rich Kasten, Alderperson

Name                                                                     Tenure    

John Butschlick, Alderperson                          Term of Office
Michael Christian, Alderperson                        Term of Office 
Andrew Chevalier, Alderperson                        Term of Office
Chris Jenkins, Alderperson                               Term of Office
Rich Kasten, Alderperson                                  Term of Office
Steve Hoogester, Alderperson                          Term of Office
Justice Madl, Alderperson                                 Term of Office
Roger Kist, Alderperson                                     Term of Office

Contact Information:

Rich Kasten, Alderperson
725 James Court
West Bend, WI  53095





West Bend City Hall
1115 S. Main Street
West Bend, WI 53095
(262) 335-5100