Library Board


PURPOSE: The purpose of the Library Board shall be to control the expenditure of all monies collected, donated, or appropriated for the library fund and of the purchase of a site and the erection of a library building whenever authorized. The Library Board will audit expenditures of the public library. 

POWERS AND DUTIES:  The Library Board shall have the powers and duties prescribed in Municipal Code 1.49 and §43.58, Wis. Stats

STRUCTURE:  The Library Board shall consist of nine (9) members, including one (1) alderperson and eight (8) citizens.  In addition, one ex officio member shall be appointed by each town or village board for each town or village that participates in a library service contract with the city.

TERMS:  Members of the Library Board shall by appointed by the mayor, subject to confirmation by the Common Council, at the organizational meeting.  The alderperson member shall be appointed for a one (1) year term and the citizen members for staggered three (3) year terms.   


Chairman:   Deb Bartnikowski

Name                                                                               Tenure    

Chris Jenkins, Alderman                                             2010 - 2018
James Knepler                                                              2015 - 2019
Al Jung                                                                           2015 - 2019
Joanne Kline, Vice President                                      2010 – 2019
Deborah Bartnikowski, Chairman                               2012 – 2018
Karen Wachholz, Recording Secretary                      2012 – 2018
Douglas Rakowski, Financial Secretary                    2009 – 2018
Andrew Chevalier                                                          2017 - 2020
Tim Harder - School District Representative            2015 – 2018
   (To fulfill Ralph Schlass' term through 2018)

Contact Information:

Amy Becker
City of West Bend
1115 S. Main Street
West Bend, WI  53095




West Bend City Hall
1115 S. Main Street
West Bend, WI 53095
(262) 335-5100