Free Street Tree Application

To be eligible, the applicant must be a property owner within the corporate city limits of West Bend. 

The following guidelines will determine the eligibility for a street tree. 

Trees may NOT be planted closer than:

  • 5 feet to a fire hydrant

  • 20 feet to a utility or street lighting pole.  Only Flowering Crabtree varities, Japanese Tree Lilac, Serviceberry, or other low growing trees are allowed under power lines.

  • 25 feet to the intersection of sidewalks at a street intersection

  • 15 feet to a driveway or alley

  • 35 feet to another tree, including those on private property

  • 5 feet from a buried utility service lateral (This may not be known until Diggers Hotline marks utilities.)

To determine if your site is eligible for a street tree, City forestry personnel will identify available planting sites at your location in November.

Please wait until both tree and stump are removed by City Foresters

BEFORE you apply for a Free Street Tree replacement.

If your site is not eligible, you will be notified by phone in November or December.

If your site is eligible for a tree, you will be notified by mail in late winter with a printed letter and tree information.  Keep this information handy so you can reference it when your tree is planted.

City Forestry personnel will identify and mark all available planting sites at this location.  The City will hire a contractor to plant, stake and mulch the tree(s).  The Contractor will be responsible for watering these newly planted tree(s) during the first year.  However, the City and Contractor appreciate any watering the resident can also provide for the tree(s) to aid in their health and survival.

Typically, trees will require 20 gallons of water, twice a week for the first two or three years after they are planted.

All planting locations will be checked before and after the trees are planted.  Trees are usually planted between March and May.

Fill out the below form or print and return completed application to the Park, Recreation and Forestry Department, 1115 South Main Street, West Bend, WI 53095.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Park, Recreation and Forestry Department office at 335-5080, Fax 335-5092.

First Name*:
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Owner Address * :
Planting Address (if different) * :
Initially, there will be a limit of one tree per residence. However, if there are additional trees available, would you like a second tree?
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West Bend City Hall
1115 S. Main Street
West Bend, WI 53095
(262) 335-5100