Invasive Species Precautions

Date: January 11, 2019

City of West Bend Invasive Species Precautions


The Department of Public Works is taking precautions in the disposal of evergreen decorations, to include Christmas trees.

Inspectors in Wisconsin have found an insect called Elongate Hemlock Scale, or EHS, on wreaths, swags and boughs, and in arrangements of evergreen boughs in hanging baskets, porch pots, mugs, and sleighs. EHS saps nutrients as it feeds on the underside of conifer needles, and threatens Wisconsin’s Christmas tree farms, native hemlock and balsam fir forests, and ornamental conifers in yards and parks.

EHS has survived in the northeastern U.S., so winter weather will not kill it. As a result, if you compost this material, the insects may well attack conifers in your yard or neighborhood, and spread from there.


Despite previous curbside collection practices, at this time, all residents are encouraged to bag their evergreen products and disposed of them in their garbage container.  Larger items, such as Christmas trees, will be collected curbside by the City’s Public Works Department and disposed of in the same matter.

Curbside Christmas tree collection will be conducted the week of January 14, 2019.  Feel free to contact the Department of Public Works for any further information.

For additional information regarding concerns with the EHS, please visit the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection with the link provided below.




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