Fall/Winter 2019 Tourism Promotion Grant Application

Date: April 15, 2019

Funds may be requested to promote tourism and economic impact specifically for the City of West Bend between Friday, November 1, 2019 and Monday, March 30, 2020.  The primary purpose for using these funds is to create additional overnight stays at West Bend hotels.  Marketing that is directed to outside of the West Bend/Washington County area will be given priority. 

This is a competitive grant program designed to assist nonprofit organizations seeking supplementary support. The maximum amount that the West Bend Tourism Commission could issue in a grant(s) will be $20,000.00.  The purpose of the grant program is to assist West Bend based organizations in promoting a positive image to potential visitors, generate overnight visits, extend visitor stays, create a desire to return and enhance the tourism industry through creative innovative planning and marketing. The event must be held in the City of West Bend and public access to some aspect of the project/event is a requirement of the grant, however, admission may be charged.  Consideration will be given to new and expanding projects, festivals, sports tournaments, conventions, cultural arts and special events benefiting West Bend.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted. The West Bend Tourism Commission reserves the right to reject applications, award partial or total grant requests, or to not award up to $20,000.00 for this 2019 grant period.   

Please send the completed application to Stephanie Justmann, City Clerk, by 12:00 pm, May 17, 2019.
Email:  justmanns@ci.west-bend.wi.us

Phone:  262-335-5102

PDF of Grant Application




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