lgserigraph_campus_1One of the very important facets of the Department of Development is the Planning Office. The Planning Office is responsible for a wide range of municipal planning and regulatory functions.  The office primarily deals with two forms of planning: current development and long-range planning.
Current development deals with the review of all land development that occurs within the city, as well as land divisions within the city's planning area- and the land use regulations and standards that are enforced.  A land development project can be as basic as a split in a parcel or as complicated as the annexation of property.  To prepare your land development request, you may wish to review and complete the development procedures and applications prior to meeting with planning staff.
Long-range planning is the future planning of the City of West Bend, or more directly, the 'Comprehensive Plans' that give the city direction into the future.  Over the past decades, plans have been established for land use, transportation, urban design, natural areas, parks, and utilities.  Every plan analyzes current conditions, populations, and use in order to prepare for future needs.  Many of these plans are developed for up to twenty years in advance and need periodic updates throughout the years, thus the name long-range planning!  Past comprehensive plans can be found at the West Bend Community Memorial Library or the Department of Development.

The City of West Bend's Plan Commission is the committee that makes the final decisions on land development and oversees development of the city's comprehensive plans.  Find out who makes up the City's Plan Commission, what is on the agenda for this months meeting, and what decisions have been made in past meetings.
The 2020 Comprehensive Plan, together with supporting implementation devices, provides an important means for promoting the orderly growth and development of the City of West Bend.  It is intended to serve and protect the public health, safety, and property values of the city. Consistent application of the plan will assure that individual development proposals will maintain the overall quality of the environment and natural beauty of the city, will help avoid costly developmental and environmental problems, and are properly related to the development of the city as a whole. 

As is with all the projects and developments that are referred to on the department's website, public input is encouraged.  Please feel free to voice your input and concerns to the department or the listed associate through e-mail, phone, or the postal service.

Additional business development information can be obtained below:

1115 S. Main Street
West Bend, WI 53095
(262) 335-5100


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