Construction Sites

All land disturbing activities of 2,000 square feet or greater, and all excavation and/or fill exceeding 400 cubic yards of material are required to conform to the City's Erosion Control Ordinance.  For construction sites meeting applicability standards, an Erosion Control (EC) Plan must be created.  

An EC Plan details how to control sediment and other pollutants on a construction site by using control practices throughout the duration of the construction project and stabilization of the site. Erosion and Sediment Control Best Management Practices (BMPs) that may be implemented on a construction site include sediment ponds, tracking pads, silt fences, inlet protection, and temporary seeding. Sequencing, inspection and maintenance procedures for BMPs must be included in an EC Plan.

Basic principles of erosion and sediment control that should be considered when developing an EC Plan include:
  • Minimize open area by phasing or sequencing construction and preserving existing vegetation where possible.
  • Divert storm water away from disturbed or exposed areas when possible.
  • Install BMPs to control erosion and sediment and manage storm water.
  • Inspect the site regularly and properly maintain BMPs, especially after rain events.
  • Revise the plan as site conditions change during construction and improve the plans if BMPs are not effectively controlling erosion and sediment.
  • Keep the construction site clean by putting trash in trash cans, keeping storage bins covered, and preventing or removing excess sediment on roads and other impervious surfaces.
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has developed several erosion and sediment control technical standards to assist landowners and  contractors in developing a construction site erosion control plan.

The City's Department of Development administers the City's Erosion Control Ordinance, reviews erosion control plans, and issues Erosion Control Permits. Landowners, developers, and contractors may contact the Department of Development for more information on Construction Site Erosion Control.
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