Storm Water Management

Storm water runoff is generated when precipitation and snowmelt flows off buildings, parking lots, driveways, streets, lawns, etc.  This runoff can collect harmful pollutants like sediment, oil, grease, chemicals, and other nutrients as it flows over impervious surfaces such as parking lots and streets. Urban areas are often covered by buildings and pavement, which do not allow runoff to soak into the ground. An underground network of storm sewer pipes is used to collect storm water runoff, and discharge it directly into nearby waterways.

City residents,  property developers, designers, and contractors can all work together to reduce the amount of storm water runoff, to control flooding, and to improve the water quality of our local waterways.  Information about the City's storm water management regulations & ways you can help can be found by using the links provided below.

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Construction Sites Tile Post Const Storm Water Tile SWM Permit Tile


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