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Finance Banner Animal LicenseFor your pet’s protection, all dogs & cats five months of age or older in the City must be licensed per State Statute and City and County Ordinances. In the event a pet strays or is lost, licensing provides us with all the necessary information to locate the owner.  The City Ordinance allows a maximum of two dogs and two cats per household. Failure to license your pets will result in a citation of $208.50.

A valid license tag must be attached to the dog or cat’s collar, whenever the animal is outdoors, unless the dog or cat is securely confined in a fenced area. Animals must be kept on owner’s premises or on a leash less than ten feet in length. Dogs, cats, fowl or other domesticated animals are not under any circumstances allowed within any City park or any portion of the Riverwalk, except service dogs when properly restrained. Rolf’s Park contains a designated area for DOGS ONLY. 

If the owner of a dog or cat permits the pet to run at large or be untagged, the owner can receive a citation, plus potential additional penalties.  Police officers will attempt to capture and restrain any dog or cat running at large or untagged, and then transport any such animal to the Washington County Humane Society.

Owners or persons in control of dogs and cats are required by ordinance and as common courtesy to other City residents to immediately remove solid animal waste deposited by their animal on any street, alley or other public or private property, other than that person’s own property.  Violators can receive a $208.50 citation for noncompliance.

Application forms can be picked up from the Finance Department, Monday thru Friday, from 8:00 a.m.. to 4:30 p.m.. or call 335-5118 to request an application(s) be mailed to you. An application can also be obtained here by clicking on Dog & Cat License Application.

  • Please use the name of the Head of Household (not minors) as the owner on all license applications.
  • It is a requirement of Wisconsin State Statute 174.07 and City Ordinance to provide evidence that the dog/cat is currently immunized against rabies. Please provide the City with the Rabies Certificate.
  • License fees are based on whether or not the animal has been neutered/spayed. ($13.00 versus $8.00.)  Please make check payable to “City of West Bend”.
  • Licenses are issued for one calendar year ending December 31st regardless of date purchased.
  • Renewal applications are mailed out the first week of December.  Please renew in a prompt manner as the license is not valid as of January 1st.  Violators are at risk of a $208.50 citation for noncompliance.
  • A $5.00 late fee shall be applied per animal on licenses renewed after March 31st.
  • Please notify the Finance Department if you no longer have your pet, or if you have moved out of the City.
  • Citation amount is subject to change upon approval of the Mid-Moraine Municipal Court and Common Council.
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