Managed Print Services RFP

Request for Proposals for Managed Print Services

Questions and Answers

Q: How many paper drawers and paper types are in the 2 Police copiers?
A: The 757 has three drawers — one large drawer for letter, one ledger, and one that flips between legal and letter.

The 356 has four drawers — two for letter, one legal, and one ledger (or two legal).

Q: The Sewer MFP & Vehicle MFP are A4 MFP’s. (meaning 8 ½ X 11 & 8 12 X 14” only NO 11 X 17”), right? AND stapling is not necessary even though they asked for it? Or would either require the 11 X 17 or the stapling?
A: No 11x17 and stapling is not a necessity, just a want.

Q: The same question would apply for the 2) DPW MFP requests. Do they need / require 11 X 17 or the stapling OR can they live without it? Because they were just replacing printers, it was a little unclear to me.
A: No 11x17 and stapling is not necessary. They do require at least one to have multiple drawers as specified.

Q:  Because of your need for the above mentioned 2-4) A4 MFP’s*, (*legal & letter ONLY) & 2) printers, I will be singing from the choir sheet of the 2019 / 2020 Sourcewell, 50K + pricing* (*formally NJPA pricing). All would be identical to the NASPO State Contract pricing with all of the same terms & conditions, ( LOCKS on CPC’s for lease term and identical lease costs) but include those A4 & printer products. I am assuming you are good with that, correct
A: OK?

Q:  4) Lastly, I assuming that the City would like to have ONE master lease payment billed monthly by the Lessor with each Dept.’s individual payment detailed per Dept. / Mode / Serial number. We then could do the same for the cost per copy billing, ONE bill with dept. / model / SN# . Am I correct?
A: Yes.


Q:  What features are you looking for with Papercut/Uniflow? Such as secure print, mobile secure print, reporting and statistics or any specialized scanning work flows.
A: Reporting and statistics and controlling how people print – i.e. we’ve gone paperless with some applications (like timesheets and paycheck advices) and would like to have printing control of certain applications.

Q: What your current Cost Per an Image on each device.
A: It varies widely across devices. Since each department is separate, each has their own contract and pricing.
Zip File of Costs


Q: Does The City want the Sharp that they are keeping in Water Utility to have the same User/Usage Account Tracking – like the other MFPs we will be providing?
A: That department has not budgeted any funds for this project. I’m not sure if they would want to spend money on that. You could add it as an option.

Q: Can we do a walk through of the locations to insure space, electrical, ventilation and fax line specifications?
A: I could give you a brief tour of locations at City Hall that would include Clerk/IT/Finance, Assessor, Parks, Admin/HR and DCD. It would not include any other buildings. Possibly pictures could suffice? All these locations currently have space, ventilation and fax lines where required.


Estimated Annual Counts


Q: Are the current phone systems for the City of West Bend analog or VOIP?
A: We have a VOIP phone system, but we still have a few analog lines. There are reasons for those analog lines and why they can't be voip.

Q: Are there any plans to move to VOIP phones in the future?
A: We have VOIP.

 Q: Can we get 2 samples of the City’s existing Door Access/Key Fobs to test compatibility with our systems User Authentication process?
A: Our security access is provided by our police department. The key fob type is ProxKey III by HID.


Q: Did a Consultant or Office Equipment provider perform a walk-through equipment usage assessment of all the City’s departments? If so, what were the findings and suggestions made by that party?
A: Yes, in early 2019 a consultant did a walkthrough which looked to reduce the number of printers/copiers to less than what is in the RFP.

Q: Was a Data Collection Agent (meter collection software) used to capture print volumes on the existing printers and MFP’s on the City’s network?
A: On Monday, January 6th, a capture was taken where the results should be available the week of January 13th.

Q: Is Authentication of user access used at each device? If so, how is it implemented?
A: No

Q: What is the City’s preferred plan for User Authentication moving forward?
A: None right now.

Q: Is the City currently using Paper Cut and/or Uniflow?
A: No

Q: Can the City provide floor plans and locations of all the current devices for each building?
A: I don't have floorplans. Police, Fire and Park Workshop are in there own seperate buildings. In City Hall, the following departs reside: 1st Floor - Clerk, IT, Finance, Assessor and Park and Recreation. 2nd Floor - Admin, HR, Community Development, Inspection and Engineering. DPW/VM/Water all are in the same building.

Q: Is the City currently doing mobile printing now?  If so, please describe how?
A: No

Q:  Are City guests currently allowed to print wirelessly?
A: No.

Q: Could you please clarify the question “Do your devices you proposed validate firmware integrity?”  What is the City’s specific concern?
A: We try to follow NIST guidelines whenever possible. NIST 800-53 SI-7 control speaks about integrity of firmware. https://nvd.nist.gov/800-53/Rev4/control/SI-7

Q: Is it a requirement that our meter collection software has access to non-US based IP addresses?
A: We would prefer it to be based in the US as we do block some foreign countries from internet traffic.

Q: Does the City currently utilizing card readers or Key Fobs for access to doors?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you currently utilize Equitrax or papercut? (if you do, there are great discounts on these with previous licenses)?
A; No

Q: Would you know by chance a ball park number for incoming and outgoing fax totals? If it is low we can recommend a different solution that is cost justifiable.
A: I don't. I would go low.

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