Labyrinth Garden

This Cretan Labyrinth is 90 feet in diameter and has seven circuits. It is located behind the “Tableau in Steel” sculpture in Regner Park. The grass pathways are lined with bulbs, perennials, herbs and annuals, making a walk to the center a very special and pleasing experience.

This garden was designated as a Daylily Display Garden in 2009 by the American Hemerocallis Society.

Origin of Labyrinths
Labyrinths have been in existence for centuries and in many different countries. Not at all like a maze that has false turns and dead ends, a labyrinth is a pattern that contains a single pathway that turns back on itself at least once before leading to the center. This pathway is a 1/2 mile in and out.

Labyrinth Garden
 A unique concept in the health care of a community, the purpose of this Labyrinth is not only for decoration, but for meditation and inspiration as well. In our busy and stressful lives, this garden will provide people of all ages the opportunity to slow down, meditate and enjoy the beauty and serenity surrounding them. This Labyrinth is maintained by volunteers. Any person in the community is invited to be involved in this on-going process. Gardening is known to help keep the mind and body healthy and active, as well as being a meaningful opportunity for social interaction.

Celebration Stone
A gift of $100.00 enables you to have an engraved Celebration Stone placed in the Circle of Celebration at the outside edge of the Labyrinth. The smooth natural stones are approximately 10” in diameter and vary in color.  Please contact .

We are always looking for volunteers to help maintain the Labyrinth. You may volunteer to care for a 2’ x 15’ section of the Labyrinth. The sections may be shared, and the gardens are automatically irrigated.

For more information, please contact Barb Robertson at 262-707-7492 or Mary Steiner at 262-338-0362.
Labyrinth Garden Project
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