West Bend Bike Loop

West-Bend-Bike-LoopThe City of West Bend Public Works Department is installing a new West Bend Bike Loop throughout the city. The initiative, presented and sponsored by Bike Friendly West Bend, offers a recognized route that links residential neighborhoods with schools, businesses, and numerous city parks and trails.

Since 2016, Bike Friendly West Bend collaborated with the City of West Bend to develop and implement the bike route. The Common Council acted to install the loop in February 2021. The route is eight miles in total length. It is identified on roadways with signage and sharrow markers placed between 200 to 250 feet apart, in adherence with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation guidelines. Sharrows are not considered bike lanes, but instead serve as visual indicators to promote roadway sharing and to direct bicyclists traveling on the route.

West Bend Bike Loop FAQs

What is the West Bend Bike Loop?

What is the intention of the bike loop?

How long is the route?

What are sharrows?

Is a sharrow the same as a bike lane?

How are the sharrow distances determined?

Does a bicyclist have to follow the sharrows?

Can I still bike on the sidewalks?

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