Street Tree Information

Street trees are within the City Right-of-Way and generally are between the curb and the sidewalk.  There are over 12,000 street trees in our City that our Parks & Forestry staff care for.  We have multiple ways for residents to learn about our City's street trees. Please click here for the Approved Street Tree Listing

18th Avenue Street Tree Demonstration

Our 18th Avenue Street Tree Demonstration has some of our most popular street tree varieties.  You can visit the trees in person, using the 18th Ave Street Tree Demonstration Key, or you can view them as a pdf booklet here: 18th Avenue Street Tree Demonstration booklet, 2014 version.

Free Street Tree Program

Did your street tree get removed recently and are you interested in replacing it, or do you have a large expanse of empty space and wonder if a tree would fit?  Then our Free Street Tree Program is for you!  We accept applications throughout the year.  Please click the online form link below to fill out the online application, or fill out the pdf form and mail it to us or drop it off, or you may stop in our office to fill out a form. 

Because the great number of Ash trees removed over the past several years, we currently are working to remove the remaining 750 street tree stumps. City crews must remove the stump to City specifications and will restore the area with soil and seed.

Please wait until both tree and stump are removed before you apply for a Street Tree replacement. 

2021 Free Street Tree Application online form

2021 Free Street Tree Application pdf to Print

Tree Species available for applications for 2021 Free Street Tree Program:

Northern Catalpa
Triumph Elm   (link to info on this tree species)
Sienna Glenn Maple    (more info on this tree species coming soon)

For permission to grind out a stump in the City right of way, at your own expense, prior to City crews stump removal schedule, please contact our office for a Stump Removal Permit Application. There is no cost to apply for this permit.

  • Contact Parks & Forestry office at 335-5080 or stop in to our office at City Hall to obtain permit application form.
  • Meet with City staff to discuss proper stump removal and specifications.
  • After permit is approved, you would arrange and pay for cost of stump removal, soil replacement, and turf restoration.

For permission to plant a tree of your choosing, contact our office for a  Tree Planting Permit Application  There is no cost to apply for this permit.

Here is how the Tree Planting Permit program works:

  • Contact Parks & Forestry office at 335-5080 or stop in to our office at City Hall to obtain permit application form.
  • Fill out Tree Planting Permit Application listing your name, address, and the species of tree you would like to plant.
  • After tree location and tree species has been approved by our arborist, you will be given the planting permit. (there is no cost)
  • You purchase and plant the tree at your expense. Tree species must be on our Approved Street Tree Listing (see above)
  • You return permit to our office listing the species of tree and date planted.
  • After two years, if the tree is still viable, you contact our office for a tree review and a rebate of $50.
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