Snow Removal FAQ

Snow Removal Operations in the City of West BendCity-of-West-Bend-Snow-Removal-Infographic-01 
Snow removal operations begin with a strong relationship between the Police Department and Department of Public Works (DPW). The teams frequently communicate road conditions during the onset of a snowfall and throughout the snow event.

Click here to view the Snow Removal Infographic (PDF). Learn more about snow removal operations using the Snow Removal FAQs section below. For more information, contact the Department of Public Works at 262-335-5079 or email pubw@ci.west-bend.wi.us.

Why does my driveway get more snow than my neighbor's driveway?

Why does my street get plowed last?

Why isn't my cul-de-sac plowed sooner?

Why do you come back the next day to plow after I shovel or snow blow?

Why can't the plow put the snow on the other side of the street or down the road where there are no driveways?

Why did the snow plow hit my mailbox?

What happens if my mailbox is destroyed?

Why did my garbage cart get knocked over?

Where should I put my garbage cart when it snows?

Will garbage collection still continue when it snows?

Why is the snow not cleared to the curb?

Why is my sidewalk covered with so much snow?

If I move my car, will you come back and plow the area?

Why does the driver make two passes down my street, then not come back to finish for a while? 

The plow trucks are driving around salting, why not put the plow down and scrape the road clear?

Can I blow my driveway/sidewalk snow into the street?

How soon after a snowfall do I have to have my sidewalk clear of snow?

Can I pass a plow truck?

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