Private Well Permits

When a Water Utility extends its service lateral pipe onto your property it is authorized and required under Wisconsin law to regulate any wells on your property.

The State law which governs wells requires that every well, whether used for drinking or not, must meet the following:

1.         Must be “safe”.  This means a test for coliform bacteria be performed upon each permit application period.

2.         Must be used.  This means it must have a functional pumping system.

3.         Must be code complying.  This means that the construction, location and pump installation must meet the many sanitary rules contained in Wisconsin Administrative Code Section NR812.42.  The best way to document this is to have an inspection by a W-DNR licensed well contractor.

4.         Must not be interconnected with the City water.  This means there must be separate plumbing pipes for the well water.

Assure that your well is safe and avoid serious liability, which could result from your well being a source of contamination to the City water or groundwater.  If your well is unsafe, unused or non-complying, it must be repaired or permanently abandoned. 

The City of West Bend has an ordinance related to private water wells.  This ordinance will allow for continued use of wells if proper steps are taken.  It also outlines the steps that must be taken to properly abandon a well.  The ordinance can be found in the City of West Bend Municipal Code, Chapter 13.08(2).

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has a publication available to answer questions on well filling and sealing.  To view this publication, please click on the following link:  http://dnr.wi.gov/files/PDF/pubs/DG/DG0016.pdf .

Following are links to information and forms for private well compliance within the City of West Bend:

Private Well Permit FAQ
Private Well Permit Application
Well Abandonment Statement

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