Ethics Committee

PURPOSE:  The purpose of the Ethics Committee is to see that the Code of Ethics, as outlined in the municipal code is uniformly applied to all City of West Bend officials and employees.  The Ethics Committee stands ready to hear and advise on all questions within its scope of authority brought to it by any city official, employee, or citizen.

POWERS AND DUTIES:  The Ethics Committee shall have the powers and duties prescribed in Municipal Code 1.70 and in accordance with §19.59 Wis. Stats.

STRUCTURE:  The Ethics Committee shall consist of five (5) citizen members, none of whom shall be an officer or employee of the City of West Bend.

TERMS:  Members of the Ethics Committee shall be appointed by the mayor, subject to confirmation by the Common Council at the organizational meeting, for staggered two (2) year terms.


Name  Tenure 
William Alderson  1976 – 2022 
Deborah Anderson  2019 – 2021 
David Bartelt 2020 – 2022
Lonny Borns  2004 – 2022 
Randy Koehler  2015 – 2021 

1115 S. Main Street
West Bend, WI 53095
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