Finance Committee

PURPOSE:  The Finance Committee considers appropriations, finances, taxation, revenues, labor relations, pensions and other benefits, insurance, audits, city budget and other matters.

POWERS AND DUTIES:  Created by the common council, the committee reviews and develops recommendations to the council on matters relating to the general finances of the city.

CURRENT STRUCTURE:  The Finance Committee shall consist of eight (8) alderpersons.  The city clerk shall serve as secretary.   

CHAIRMAN:  The mayor shall designate one member as chairperson, subject to approval by the Common Council. 


Chairman:  Meghann Kennedy, Alderperson

Name  Tenure 
John Butschlick, Alderperson                       2014 – 2021
Mark Allen, Alderperson  2019 – 2021 
Brett Bergquist, Alderperson         2020 – 2021 
Jed Dolnick, Alderperson  2020 – 2021 
Steve Hoogester, Alderperson 2014 – 2021
Justice Madl, Alderperson 2018 – 2021 
Meghann Kennedy, Alderperson 2019 – 2021 


Contact Information:

Meghann Kennedy, Alderperson
3307 Mediterranean Avenue
West Bend, WI  53090
Email Alderperson Kennedy

1115 S. Main Street
West Bend, WI 53095
(262) 335-5100


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